Challenging how council services are run

Rejected expressions of interest

An expression of interest may be rejected:

  • if it does not meet the requirements of the service, or is outside the regulations that we must comply with
  • if the information presented is inaccurate or is inadequate to be fully considered
  • if the organisation is not suitable to provide the service, for example it doesn't have the necessary qualifications or past conduct
  • because we have already formally decided that the service is not to be continued
  • falls outside of the Localism Act because it is an exempt service
  • the service is already the subject of a procurement exercise
  • negotiations in writing are underway for the service
  • we have already published our intention to consider the provision of the service by a body to be set up by 2 or more employees
  • the expression of interest is frivolous or vexatious
  • because it would lead to a breach of the law, or statutory duty

Rejected expressions of interest will be published on our register: