Challenging how council services are run

Running services

We cannot provide more funding for running the service. Restrictions and safeguards apply.

Service funding

There will not be additional money for running the service. The value of the contract will be published as part of the procurement process. This will also outline any overheads or Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) (TUPE) implications of running the service. Find out more about TUPE regulations.

There are a number of national funding sources available and government has announced some additional start-up funding to support community groups who want to use the new rights. Find out more about community funding.

Service restrictions

We will prepare a contract specification as part of the procurement exercise. The service will have to be delivered to this specification, including any financial or legal requirements. Any future control and possible changes to the service will be set out in the specification.

If a new service provider fails

The right to challenge makes it clear that councils can hand over the running of a service to other organisations, but cannot let go of their responsibility for the provision of the service.

If another organisation is running a service that Thurrock Council is required to provide and it fails, then we will be responsible for finding another way to provide the service with minimal interruption. We maintain good relationships with our providers, however, and carefully monitor our contracts so we can prevent this from happening wherever possible and act quickly if it is unavoidable.

If no-one bids for a service

If no expressions of interest are received within the time window, we will continue providing the service as it is currently provided. We may consider the best value options available in the future, however, and may publish a second time window at a later stage.