Children's care professionals services

Prevention and Support Service

The Prevention and Support Service (PASS) provides integrated support to children, young people and their families that have additional needs.

The main objective of the service is to offer practical advice, support and direct case work to families at the earliest opportunity, to prevent issues escalating and requiring statutory intervention.

PASS comprises a range of professionals including:

  • team manager
  • social workers
  • family support workers
  • youth worker
  • employment adviser

PASS is supported by a range of services that have strategic oversight. It is based on a 'team around the family' approach, where professionals work closely with families to find solutions that will continue working for them long after PASS has stopped being involved.

Organisations providing early help services are listed on the Ask Thurrock website.

For information on support services used by PASS for families during pregnancy and with children up to 2 years-old, go to Start for Life.

Prevention and Support Service
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