Crime prevention

Drugs and human trafficking at airfields or marinas

Drugs and human trafficking are serious crimes that lead to violence, child exploitation and abuse.

Aircraft, boats and yachts are used by gangs to carry out illegal imports at airfields, ports and marinas – especially those that have limited or no checks.

Please look out for suspicious activities when at these locations.

Suspicious activities include:

  • attempts to test or research security
  • late night or early morning activity
  • unusual deliveries
  • people in the wrong place or behaving unusually
  • unusual presence of aircraft, boats or yachts
  • an aircraft or vessel that has been modified in an unusual way
  • a pilot or owner being evasive about passengers or routes
  • regulations being ignored
  • plans or reports being filed that are misleading or false
  • hidden cargo
  • packages or passengers being dropped or transferred
  • items being handled in an unusual way

Speak up, stop crime, stay safe

If you see a crime in progress, you should report it to the police immediately using the 999 number – don’t try to get involved.

You can safely contact the independent charity Crimestoppers to report any suspicious activities.

Crimestoppers gives you the power to speak up and help stop crime – by phone or online, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Your identity will remain unknown. Crimestoppers won't ask your name and they won't judge, they just listen to what you know.

When you’ve hung up the phone or clicked 'send', you're done. Crimestoppers will pass on your information to the police, which means for you there'll be no:

  • police contact
  • witness statements
  • courts
Crimestoppers – 100% anonymous. Always.

: 0800 555 111