Crime prevention

Vehicle crime

Vehicle theft and theft from vehicles make up almost a third of all reported crime.

To keep your vehicle safe:

  • don't leave your car unattended with keys in the ignition
  • always lock your car when filling up with petrol
  • close car windows when you leave your car
  • park in well lit areas and if you have a garage, use it
  • fit an alarm, immobiliser or locking system
  • always remove property from your car, especially satellite navigation systems, stereos and mobile phones
  • never leave your car unattended while it's defrosting. Every winter thieves prey on motorists as they to warm up their cars

Thieves will commit burglary just for your car keys – never leave your car keys on display.

To keep you car safe:

  • keep your keys secure and away from open windows and letter boxes
  • install and use a burglar alarm
  • start or join a Neighbourhood Watch group

Timer switches can give the impression someone is at home.

Theft of catalytic converters

Thieves target vehicles to steal their catalytic converters – part of the exhaust system – because they contain a high-value metal.

To find out more, go to Essex Police: how to keep your vehicle safe and sound.