Government intervention

Improvement and Recovery Board

The Improvement and Recovery Board oversees the work of the intervention and reports on the progress required by government directions. It is chaired by Gavin Jones, Essex County Council Commissioner with strategic oversight of the intervention.

It oversees the development and delivery of our Improvement and Recovery Plan. It enables the commissioners to provide assurance that we're taking the right action and have the capacity and capability to improve in the way required.

The board meets once every month.


The board:

  • promotes a council-wide culture of effective financial management
  • reviews policies and procedures to be implemented to achieve the level of financial stability as set out in the government's directions
  • oversees the delivery of the Improvement and Recovery Plan to make sure the required outcomes are achieved
  • challenges the Improvement and Recovery Plan
  • makes sure a robust programme is place, with risks and issues managed, to monitor progress of the Improvement and Recovery Plan and its work streams
  • oversees forward plan arrangements for decision-making, so plans are put in place to deliver value for money
  • provides advice and guidance on the actions required
  • manages the formal reporting of progress to the Secretary of State

The full terms of reference can be downloaded below.

Meeting documents

Improvement and Recovery Board meeting documents, 2023

Improvement and Recovery Board meeting documents, 2022