Contact the Commissioners

The government has appointed a team of Commissioners to help us improve the way we're managed, achieve financial stability, and make the council fit for the future.

You can contact the Commissioners if you would like to learn more about their work in Thurrock.

Ask the Commissioners about their work

You can contact the Commissioners using the email below. Before asking a question, check our Improvement pages to make sure the information you need isn't already online.

When asking a question, try to be as specific as possible about what you'd like to know, so we can be sure we send you the right information.

Commissioners cannot respond to questions or complaints about council services – if you need to contact the council about a service or to make a complaint, please use the options below.

Contact the council about services

You can find detailed information about services throughout this website. If your question is about a council service, please contact the service direct or send a freedom of information request.

Many services are available directly online:

If you still need to contact us after checking our information online, you can use the 'Comments and questions' or 'Request a service' links on the right-side of each service information page.


Commissioners cannot respond directly to complaints about council services. All complaints must go through a proper formal process. For full details, read how to complain.