Improvement and Recovery Plan

In September 2022, Directions issued to us by the Government required us to put in place an Improvement and Recovery Plan to the satisfaction of Commissioners.

At a minimum, the plan is required to include:

  • an action plan to achieve financial sustainability and to close any short-term and long-term budget gaps identified by the council across the period of its medium-term financial strategy, including a robust multi-year savings plan
  • an action plan to ensure the council's capital, investment and treasury management strategies are sustainable and affordable
  • a strict debt reduction plan, and an updated minimum revenue provision policy in line with all relevant rules and guidelines
  • an action plan to ensure the council is complying with all relevant rules and guidelines relating to the financial management of the council
  • a suitable scheme of delegations for financial decision-making

Our Improvement and Recovery Plan sets the short-term, medium-term and longer-term actions we'll take to deal with the challenges we face.

Our ambitions within the plan are to:

  • agree and embed a new vision, values and culture across all levels of the organisation
  • reduce our borrowing as quickly as possible
  • achieve financial sustainability as quickly as possible
  • embed a system of strong governance across the organisation
  • develop a new locality-based preventative integrated operating model
  • capitalise on Thurrock's growth opportunities

The plan has 5 main themes:

  • financial sustainability
  • governance and scrutiny
  • strategic direction
  • place leadership and growth
  • leadership and culture

You can download the full plan below.

We must report to the Commissioner on our Improvement and Recovery Plan progress at 6-month intervals, or at such intervals as the Commissioner may direct.