Health advice for young people


All drugs are dangerous and can kill immediately. Most of them are illegal.

Taking drugs involves risks. Most have side effects that users often ignore or don't know about. Mixing drugs is particularly dangerous.

Drugs have side effects that can make you feel weird and you may want more. The reality is that drugs are unpredictable.

The effects can vary wildly from one person to another. The experience can be affected by:

  • where you are
  • who you are with
  • your general state of mind can

Injecting drugs creates more risks. These include the risks of:

  • infections like HIV – which can lead to AIDS – and from a number of strains of viral hepatitis caused by using shared needles and syringes
  • overdosing from delivering the drug directly into the bloodstream
  • gangrene from hitting an artery instead of a vein
  • abscesses from injecting substances like crushed tablets or substances contaminated with infectious agents such as bacteria, which shouldn't be injected

If you would like more information, contact Wize-Up:

Wize-Up, Thurrock - young people's substance misuse service
Unit 2, Thurrock Centre for Business, 2 George Street, Grays, RM17 6LY

: 01375 376 111


Website: Wize-Up, Thurrock

Go to our support services page for more advice if you need help with a drug problem.