Health advice for young people

Physical health

If you take care of body you will look better, feel better and have fewer illnesses. Brushing your teeth twice a day, washing and combing your hair, and having a bath or shower are all ways that we can keep in good condition. Eating also plays a very important part in our physical health.

Looking after your body

We have to eat the right foods so our body can work properly. You should eat fruit and vegetables as part of your diet and drink water regularly to stay healthy. When you eat healthy food it makes you feel better and fitter.

You can stay fit by walking instead of catching the bus, if the journey is short. Take part in all sports at school, join a sports club or go swimming.

Some young people don't look after their physical health properly because they smoke, drink or take drugs. All of these are bad for your health and can lead to serious illnesses.

Making yourself immune to illness

There are some illnesses that we cannot prevent by eating well or by exercising. That's why we have to have injections called immunisations. Immunisations protect people from serious diseases.

Once we have been immunised, our bodies are more able to fight those diseases if we come into contact with them. There are some diseases that can seriously harm children or cause lasting damage to their health, and sometimes a child's immune system needs help to fight those diseases. Childhood immunisations give you this help.

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