Health advice for young people


If a women has had unprotected sex, or a condom has split during sex, you are at risk of being pregnant.

A young woman can become pregnant:

  • the first time she has sex
  • during her period
  • even if the man pulls out before coming
  • if she forgets her pill, is sick while on the pill or takes antibiotics and then does not use another form of contraception

The following are signs that you might be pregnant:

  • a missed period, or a period that is shorter or lighter than normal
  • having to go for a wee a lot
  • feeling sick or tired or both
  • feeling bloated or having period-like cramps
  • changes in your mood
  • changes in what you like to eat

Taking a pregnancy test can put your mind at rest or confirm what you have been thinking. If your pregnancy test is positive, you need time to think, to make the right choice for you.

Some people know immediately what they want to do and some need time to think. It is really helpful to talk to someone – it could be a friend, someone in your family, your partner, or someone completely separate, like a social worker or carer.

For more information on sexual health, go to NHS Choices: Sex and young people.