Household waste and recycling

Help with your bins

We provide an assisted bin collection service for residents whose disability or illness prevents them taking their bins the kerbside, and who have nobody in their household who can do this.

We can only collect bins from areas at the front of properties, such as a front garden or outside a front door. We cannot collect wheeled bins from back gardens, garages or sheds.

Apply for assisted bin collections

You can use the form below to apply for assisted bin collections if:

  • you cannot leave your bins at the front of your property due to disability or illness
  • nobody in your household aged 16 years-old or older is physically able to move wheeled bins to the front of your property

Apply for assisted bin collections

After you apply

When we receive your application, we will check you are eligible and let you know whether your application has been accepted. This normally takes no more than 10 working days (Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays). We may contact you if we need more information.

Renewing or ending the service

If your application is accepted, we will provide assisted bin collections for up to 2 years unless you tell us your circumstances have changed or you no longer need the service.

Near the end of the 2-year service period, we will write to you and ask whether you still need the service. If you do, you can use the application form to request a renewal for another 2 years. If you choose not to renew, we will end your assisted bin collections.

If your circumstances change

If your circumstances change or you no longer need assisted bin collections, you should email us as soon as possible.

Waste and recycling


We may end your assisted bin collections without notice if either:

  • we find any information you have given us is incorrect
  • your circumstances change and you do not let us know