Household waste and recycling

Recycling in flats

Starting in September 2020, we will install new recycling Eurobins or wheeled bins at high-rise or low-rise blocks of flats. Eurobins look like the one shown at the end of this page.

We will also give a reusable recycling bag to every household in these blocks of flats. Information included with your bag will tell you what to expect when the new recycling bins are installed.

During the first half of 2021, we will provide single-use bags for residents of flats above shops or other commercial premises where communal recycling bins are not installed.

How to use your recycling bag

Recycling bags are reusable. They can hold an average of 2 or 3 days' clean recycling. You can keep your bag on the floor, in a cupboard or hanging on your door handle.

Your reusable bag is for:

  • storing items to be recycled
  • carrying items to the communal recycling bin

To check what can be recycled, go to our A to Z of waste and recyclable items.

Your reusable bag is yours to keep – please look after it.

Before putting items in your reusable bag or bin, please:

  • rinse out containers
  • squash or flatten containers
  • break up large pieces of cardboard

Don't leave your bag outside your flat on walkways or landings where it will be a hazard


Eurobins at high-rise or low-rise blocks of flats look like the one shown below.