Independent support for children in care


A mentor is someone who can offer support and guidance to you. Mentors are ordinary people from the local area.

Mentors offer support to you in whatever way you need. They are not social workers – they volunteer give their time and help you because they want to.

A mentor can give you support with:

  • benefits
  • education or training
  • housing
  • employment
  • health
  • hobbies and interests
  • anything you want or need to do

You will meet with your mentor once a week or every two weeks for an hour or two, until your goal is met or you decide you no longer need or want a mentor.

You can find out more about mentors by calling or emailing the Open Door: Young People Looked After (YPLA) team.

Open Door – Young People Looked After (YPLA) team

: 01375 389 879