Independent support for children in care

Thurrock Children in Care Council

Thurrock's Children in Care Council (CiCC) is a group of 11 to 21 year-olds that meets monthly to discuss issues that matter to young people in care. The CiCC meets to take part in consultations about the services provided to us.

The CiCC tells Thurrock Council's councillors and directors its wishes and feelings about the topics discussed, helping to improve everyone's time whilst in care.

All children in care are invited to join in. With more opinions, the better the services will be for all looked after young people. You can send the CiCC your contact details if you want your wishes and feelings heard and voiced to the right people so that changes can be made.

You can contact the Children in Care Council through Open Door. Go to Open Door: Children in Care Council.

Open Door – Children in Care Council

: 07975 503 275