Looking after children in care

Daily life

Your carers will make sure you're everyday needs are met.


Food is an important part of everybody's life. You have the right to have a good diet. This should fit your culture, taste and religion and be good for your health.

Every home will have different rules about when they eat and whether they sit at a table or not. It is important that your carers tell what their rules are and whether you can help yourself to food or if you have to ask.


You should have reasonable clothing. We give foster carers money to buy you clothes. You should have a say in the clothes that you or your carers buy for you, but remember that clothing money is limited and you may not be able to have everything you want.

We provide money separately for you to buy a school uniform and we can arrange extra money if you change school and need a new uniform. If you are working part time, you may be expected to contribute towards new clothes.


You will get pocket money each week. The amount will depend on your age and other things. We can make extra money available to make that you can take part in activities.

Your carers should be happy to give advice on how to save up for something you really want or how to open your own savings account. Your carer may put aside some of your pocket money each week into a savings account.


If the court has fined you for something, you will need to pay the fine with your pocket money. Your carers can ask you to pay for anything you damage or steal.

Your carers may buy toiletries for you or you may have a toiletries allowance, which you will have to spend carefully to make sure you get the things you need. This is something that you need to discuss with your carers.


If you have an interest or hobby, let your carer and social worker know – this way they can try to make sure that you can still do your hobby. If you cannot go to your group, they will try to find a group that is closer to you.

Special occasions

Your foster carer gets an allowance that includes all the expenses for caring for you, including all special occasions. You should receive a gift for your birthday and Christmas.