Looking after children in care

Looking after yourself

We will make sure that as you get older you have the chance to learn how to live independently as an adult. This means how to do practical things for yourself, how to cope emotionally, and how and when to ask others for help.

We will make sure you have the chance to learn these things as soon as you are in care. We won't leave it until a few months before you leave your carer.

As you get older we will expect you to do more things for yourself and must be willing to learn new skills – not just practical skills, but skills in dealing with people and difficult situations. Don't be surprised when your carers expect you to do things!

You might think you don't need to, that you will be OK, but don't be fooled. Many people who are looked after have been surprised by just how hard it is to cope on their own. Use the opportunities your carers give you to learn in a safe situation where you will be helped.