Building regulations and guidance

Demolition application guidance

In most cases you must make a demolition application at least 6 weeks before the intended start date. It is an offence to begin demolition unless a demolition notice has been submitted to us. You must also provide:

  • a 1:1250 location plan clearly indicating the buildings to be demolished, all adjacent properties and existing drainage systems to be sealed
  • a copy of the method statement indicating safe methods of demolition

Expenses incurred by us regarding the issue of a notice and any necessary inspection may be recovered.

If the demolition is not part of an application made to us then an invoice for the sum of £80 will be issued to the person responsible for the demolition.

You should also notify:

  • the occupier(s) of any building(s) adjacent to the building proposed to be demolished
  • all service providers such as gas, electric and water by sending them a copy of the notification form and location plan, in order that they may arrange with you for their services to be safely disconnected

We may consult with other regulatory services about the proposed demolition. Some demolition requires prior approval and conservation area consent. If the building is listed you will also need listed building consent before starting work.