Make a building control application

Full plans submissions

Full plans submissions can apply to any type of building work but must be always submitted for works on commercial buildings, schools, shops, offices, railway premises, factories and hotels.

A full plans submission form must be completed and sent to us, together with:

  • 2 copies of the drawings showing the existing and the proposed layouts with full construction details
  • the plan fee payment for the submission

We have 5 weeks – with a further 3 weeks, if agreed by you – to check the plans but normally they will be checked within 10 days. If the plans are incorrect you will be asked to amend them. Once the submission has been approved, an approval notice will be issued.

When you begin the work, you must contact us and at each stage of construction. You will be invoiced for the inspection fee when you commence the work. When the work has been satisfactorily completed and inspected, a completion certificate will be issued.

Please read our full plans submission guidance.

You can complete a full plans submission form online, via the national Planning Portal:

Planning Portal – building control applications

You can also download a form below to print, complete and send by post.