Make a planning application

Information to be submitted with all planning applications

For your planning application to be valid you must send us the following items as a minimum.

Item Notes
Application form This must be the right form for the application type, fully completed.
Application fee Go to planning fees and charges.
Location plan This shows the site area and its surrounding context, and can be bought either as part of the application process or separately. Go to Planning Portal: buy a planning map.
Site plan, sometimes called a block plan This shows the proposed development in detail and can be purchased from Planning Portal: buy a planning map.
Ownership certificate Certificate A, B, C or D states who owns the property.
Agricultural holdings certificate This is needed whether or not the site includes an agricultural holding – all agricultural tenants must be notified before an application is submitted.

Every planning application in the UK must meet these requirements.

If you wish to submit a householder application you can find important information in our householder planning applications guide that can help make sure your application is valid.

All forms and certificates must be fully completed.

You may also need to provide a design and access statement, unless your application:

  • relates to a material change in use of land or buildings
  • relates to engineering or mining operations
  • is a householder development where no part of the property is within a site of special scientific interest or a conservation area

For more about these documents, go to: Planning Practice Guidance: validation requirements

Other information you may need to provide

You may need to provide more specific information depending on the type of application you are submitting.

To check whether this other information is relevant to your application, go to our overview of information for specific application types.