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Library notices

Saturday 25 May to Saturday 1 June – Library activities for May half-term, including Elmer Day celebrations, stories and activities.

Monday 27 May – all Thurrock libraries will be closed for the spring bank holiday.

Saturday 8 June - Grays Library will be extending its opening hours until 5pm to join in the Pride Celebrations.

Saturday 8 June - Grays Library is hosting a special Pride-themed Corner Story ("Twas the night before Pride") and craft session making heart garlands - 10.30am to 11.30am.  

Monday 10 June – Tour of the Solar System at Grays Library.

Internet acceptable use agreement

When you login to a library computer to access the internet or other computer services, you must first read our acceptable use agreement and agree to the terms of use.

Acceptable use agreement

1. Thurrock Libraries has no control over the information provided on the Internet and cannot be held responsible for the content or quality of the information received. Thurrock Libraries cannot accept any liability for any loss or damage resulting from the use of material provided through this medium. Parents, guardians or carers are advised to accompany children under the age of 16 when they access the Internet and are responsible for their children's use of this service. Library staff are unable to police children or young people's access to the Internet.

2. Thurrock Libraries cannot be held responsible for slow responses, the non-availability of any web site or a communication failure, or any other matter in connection with Internet access.

3. All customers wishing to use the Internet, or Microsoft Office facilities must have a current Thurrock or Essex County Council library ticket.

4. All customers under the age of 16 are required to register as a member of Thurrock or Essex County Council libraries, and parental consent must have been given. The library ticket must be produced when attending the session.

5. To ensure that everyone has a fair chance to use the World Wide Web, we operate a booking system. Pre-booked sessions will only be held for 8 minutes. Customers may only book the facility for a maximum of 2 hours in any single day. You may reserve your time slot up to 7 days in advance.

6. We have “bookmarked” web pages of interest to users generally. Before you leave your WWW session please remove any bookmarks you may have added yourself. Please note that if you save material on this machine it may be seen by other users if you do not delete it before you finish your session. Anything saved will be deleted. You may not alter, amend or delete any of the programmes or settings already resident on the computer or in its memory.

7. Copyright laws must not be infringed. All customers must ensure that they have the appropriate authority or permission to download, copy or print any material. If you are in doubt, please check with the source of the information. All printouts must be paid for.

8. Under the Obscene Publications Acts (1959 and 1964), Telecommunications Act (1984) and The Criminal Justice and Public Order Act (1994), users of the Internet facilities in Thurrock Libraries are not permitted to read, view, copy, distribute, circulate, sell or lend:

  • any material which is considered to be pornographic or obscene in nature, or any data capable of being resolved into obscene or indecent images or material
  • any material which is racist, defamatory, offensive, libellous or slanderous in nature
  • any material which is considered to be violent or abusive in nature
  • any material which may cause harassment or gross offence to other library users
  • any material which may contravene English law

The decision whether material falls into any of the above categories rests with the Library Officer on duty.

Thurrock Council may make use of filtering software on its computers, but cannot be held responsible for any access made to sites containing unlawful or unsuitable material. Thurrock Libraries retain the right to remove and destroy any printed material which breaches this clause.

9. Any transactions with third parties, including financial, are at the user's own risk. In view of the risks, users are recommended to exercise care in giving their personal details, including credit card details, over the Internet and in particular about making any appointments to meet people. You will be responsible for any goods or services ordered via the Internet.

10. Thurrock Council accepts no liability for damage or loss, direct or indirect, arising from the use or unavailability of its public access computers and Internet facilities.

11. Although Thurrock Council makes every effort to ensure that no viruses are transmitted, the Council cannot accept responsibility for any viruses which may be transmitted.

12. Customers must not load their own software or connect their own equipment, other than memory sticks, MP3/Ipods and personal headphones to the Library equipment. Customers must not make any attempt to reconfigure, hack or damage computer equipment. Customers must not use the library computers to gain unauthorised access to the Library's networks, computer systems or to any other network.

13. Customers may not use computer equipment to watch live television broadcasts

14. The library PCs must not be used for the distribution of unsolicited advertising. Customers must not subscribe to any services that incur a cost to the library.

15. Customers must not act in any way which will destroy or corrupt data belonging to other users, violate the privacy of others or disrupt the work of others.

16. Downloading is permitted only to floppy disks, CDR/RW Memory sticks, MP3/Ipods not to the PC's hard drive.

17. Thurrock Libraries cannot be held responsible for any damage to personal disks due to system malfunction, or any other reason.

18. Due to space limitations, no more than two people are permitted at the terminal at one time. Anyone at a library computer must have a current Thurrock or Essex County Council library ticket. If the user is under 16 the ticket must have parental consent noted. Anyone seated at a terminal must abide by the Internet Acceptable Use Agreement.

19. We regret that although our staff may sometimes be able to offer very basic help we cannot provide training on a day-to-day basis.

20. Thurrock Libraries reserves the right to monitor Internet use.

A member of staff may terminate use of the service if a user fails to comply with any of the above conditions. If there is a serious breach of the conditions or a customer continues to disobey the regulations, this may result in the customer being banned from use of the Internet and Microsoft Office facilities in Thurrock Libraries.

Thurrock Libraries reserves the right to amend this policy as and when required.