Online with your library

Library computers

Computers and the internet are free to use in all of our libraries for up to 2 hours each day, or you can use your own device.

Using your own device

If you wish to use your own device, such as a smartphone, laptop or tablet computer, you can access the internet by connecting to library Wi-Fi.

You can also print direct from your own device.

Using a library computer

You must book in advance if you wish to use a library computer. You can do this either online, below, or by phoning the library no more than one day in advance.

Book a library computer

You must use your library card number and PIN to login. Before you login to a library computer, you must first read our acceptable use agreement and agree to the terms of use.

You can use library computers to get onto the internet, send emails, view websites, or create documents and spreadsheets. You can also:

Use of public computers is free, but there are charges for printing and photocopying. Computers switch off 15 minutes before libraries close for lunch and at the end of the day – check our opening times.

Help with computers

Our library staff can help you with your applications on the internet. For example, you can get, help with bus pass applications, help with online housing applications and help with online job applications.

Learn about computers

We offer a wide range of computer sessions either online or in your local library. Go to learning at your library to find out what's on offer.