Preparing for emergencies at home

Emergency grab bag

A major emergency is rare but could happen at any time. If you find yourself in an emergency, then having an emergency grab bag can make you and your family better prepared for at least 2 days.

Emergency grab bag at home

Your home grab bag should have:

  • insurance documents or details
  • important phone numbers
  • spare mobile phone charger
  • personal medication
  • torch and batteries
  • blanket
  • candles
  • matches
  • dried food
  • toiletries
  • spare clothes
  • spare keys
  • cash and credit cards
  • bottled water
  • tin opener
  • first aid kit

Emergency grab bag for your car

Your car grab bag should have:

  • winter or summer clothes
  • blanket or sleeping bag
  • torch, radio and extra batteries
  • shovel and windscreen wiper
  • tow chain and rope
  • jump leads