Speech, language and communication support

School-aged children

All primary schools in Thurrock use Speech Link, an online assessment and intervention programme designed by speech and language therapists. The programme helps teachers and teaching assistants understand children’s speech and language difficulties and how to help them.

During the first term in Reception, schools will assess all children in the class using the Infant Language Link programme. Children who have speech difficulties will also be assessed using the Speech Link Programme.

Any child aged 4 to 8 years can also be assessed using Infant Language Link, if they join the school later, or still have difficulties. Some schools also assess children aged 7 to 11 years using Junior Language Link.

There is also a Secondary Language Link programme, which a number of secondary schools have begun to use to assess how older children understand language used in social situations.

Special education needs support

There are several schools providing special education needs support in Thurrock.

Specialist speech and language therapy

Specialist speech and language therapy support is available for your child if they have a communication difficulty related to:

  • part of an autistic spectrum disorder
  • a complex special need, such as a learning disability or physical disability
  • a hearing impairment
  • a specific language disorder or stammer

You can get this support through: