Speech, language and communication support

Specialist local information

The local organisations listed below can help you find support in Thurrock.

You can also find listings for special education needs and disabilities in our Ask Thurrock online directory for young people and families.


Afasic is a UK charity that supports parents and represents children and young people with speech, language and communication needs.

Afasic runs a club for young people aged 11 to 19 years-old with speech and language impairments. It meets at the Downshall Centre in Seven Kings, Redbridge every Friday evening in term time from 7pm to 9:30pm.


: 01375 670 547

: info@afasic.org.uk

Aladdin's Cave, Beacon Hill Academy

As a parent, guardian, carer, relative or someone who works with children with special needs, you can join and borrow items from Aladdin's Cave at Beacon Hill Academy. These include:

  • sound beams
  • bubble tubes
  • projection equipment
  • portable ball pools
  • musical instruments
  • fibre optics
  • switch accessible toys
  • sensory kits
  • story sacks

Dyspraxia Foundation

Dyspraxia is a disability that affects basic motor skills, such as walking or sitting upright, and fine motor skills, such as writing or picking up small objects.

The Essex Dyspraxia Foundation offers:

  • a monthly newsletter
  • a telephone helpline
  • a monthly parents’ group meeting
  • family social activities

The Sunshine Centre

The Sunshine Centre in Tilbury offers a range of services for disabled children and their parents. It is designed to provide practical support to local families. Services include:

  • family drop-ins
  • specialist support groups
  • a toddler group
  • a regular programme of activities