Home to school or college travel support


Parents and carers are responsible for making sure their children get to and from school regularly and on time. This usually includes paying the costs of travel.

Very few children can get free home to school transport.

We will provide travel support at no cost if your child is eligible by law – check who is eligible.

We cannot offer help with travel or the costs of travel unless a child is eligible.

Choosing a school for your child

You have the right to say which school you would prefer your child to attend. In making this decision, however, you must think about how your child will get to and from school.

We encourage children to attend a local school that's suitable for their needs, and that they can get to by walking, cycling or – if necessary – taking a bus. This has many benefits for children, such as helping them make friends and feeling part of the community.

Sometimes, however, there are reasons why a child must attend a school that is further away.

How we can help

If your child is eligible, you can apply for school travel support.

If your child is not eligible by law but we decide there are exceptional circumstances, we may offer a discretionary transport award although this may not be free of charge.

You should carefully consider the information in our home to school or college travel support policies before applying for support.