Well Homes in private housing

After an adviser visits

The adviser will give you a leaflet that has contact details and summarises what they said.

With your permission, the adviser:

  • will arrange for you to be referred to one of our partner services that could benefit you
  • will, if you are a private tenant in need of housing repairs, refer you to our Private Housing service to make sure your landlord carries out all necessary improvements

Our partner organisations offering health and wellbeing support include:

What our residents have said about the scheme

Residents who used the Well Homes scheme have told us:

  • "An excellent idea, I have told lots of people about the scheme"
  • "A lot of people don't know where to get help and the Well Homes project is the answer"
  • "I was not aware that there was so much help available and was grateful for all the advice"
  • "Worthwhile scheme, good to see home owners being offered help. Adviser very knowledgeable"
  • "I was very pleased that the gas check was available. Felt it was excellent value for money and it has helped me feel safe"