Young people leaving care

Charter for care leavers

We have a responsibility to children and young people in our care, and to our care leavers.

Our charter for care leavers was written jointly with a group of young people. It is a set of principles and promises to care leavers.

We will respect and honour your identity

We will:

  • support you to develop your own identity, respect your background and accept your culture and beliefs
  • treat you as an individual, taking into consideration your own values and personal needs

We will believe in you

We will:

  • support you to pursue your goals in whatever ways we can
  • believe in you, celebrate you and help you overcome limiting barriers

We will listen to you

We will:

  • respect and strive to understand your point of view
  • be honest with you and place your needs, thoughts and feelings at the heart of all decisions about you

We will support you

We will:

  • do our best to support you in achieving your goals, dreams and aspirations
  • provide you with the support that you require with education, training and employment to succeed in life

We will help you find a home

We will:

  • keep you safe and well by working alongside you to help you find the most appropriate place to live and prepare you for independent living
  • do everything we can to prepare you for a smooth transition to adulthood and help you to be where you want to be

We will inform you

We will:

  • point you in the right direction and journey alongside you at your own pace
  • help you to be the driver of your life and not the passenger