Young people leaving care

How long you'll get our support

Leaving care support can continue until you are 25 years-old, depending on when and how long you were in care.

We want you to achieve the best you can and have the same chances in life as other children. To help with this, you will have a personal adviser who can give you advice and support on:

  • getting accommodation and support when you move in
  • education, training and employment
  • health and well-being
  • independent living skills
  • personal identity and culture
  • getting the on-going support you need
  • getting access to other services you need

Your personal adviser will also work with other agencies to help you get access to specialist support – for example, if you have learning difficulties or mental health problems.

If you are an unaccompanied asylum seeker over the age of 18, the Home Office will decide on your asylum application to stay in the UK. Your personal adviser will help you register with an immigration solicitor, who will act as your legal representative in dealing with your asylum application, if it has not already been dealt with.

More support and advice

Our pledge to children and young people in care includes our promise to prepare you for adult life and leaving care.

Inspire Youth Hub provides a friendly and supportive services for young people, where you can get information on education, employment, training and careers, and take part in activities.

Coram Voice has produced a booklet for care leavers called 'Sorted and Supported'. It contains all the information you need to know about leaving care and your legal rights. Go to Coram Voice: Leaving Care to download the booklet, or ask your personal adviser for a copy.

Our guide for young adults leaving our care offers more support and advice on independent living.