Animal care and control

Lost and stray dogs

The police are responsible for dangerous dogs and dogs worrying livestock – call 0300 333 4444 to report this sort of crime

Contact us to report a lost or stray dog. Leave your name, address, a contact number and the following details:

  • a description of the dog
  • where the dog was last seen
  • whether the dog is aggressive and, if so, whether have the police been contacted
  • whether the dog is wearing a collar
  • whether the dog is injured

We will pass your details to our kennels who will contact you.

Stray dogs can be collected between 8am and 10pm, 7 days a week. Kennel staff will not collect a dog between 10pm and 8am.

Report a lost or stray dog

: 01375 652 955

Emergency contact outside of office hours

: 01375 372 468

For use outside of normal office hours:

  • Monday to Thursday, 4:30pm to 9am
  • Friday, from 4:30pm through the weekend until 9am on Monday
  • public holidays

Keeping stray dogs

If you find a stray dog and bring it to us, you can request to keep it. We will make a reasonable attempt to contact the owner and allow them a reasonable opportunity to collect the dog. We will decide whether you are a suitable person to keep the dog and we'll tell you verbally and in writing that you are obliged to keep the dog for at least a month.

After a dog is seized

We have a legal responsibility to seize stray dogs. Where a dog has been seized and not claimed, we must keep the dog for a maximum of 7 days. During that time, we make sure the needs of the dog are met.

After 7 days we'll pass ownership of the dog to our appointed contractor who will do all they can to re-home the dog.

You will have to pay fees to recover a stray dog.

Contact us on the number above to discuss reclaiming your dog

Unclaimed dogs

We are entitled to sell or give a dog away if the original owner has not reclaimed it.

It is not our policy to put down stray dogs after the statutory 7-day period. Dogs will be only ever be put down by a veterinary surgeon and only if they are in severe pain or distress.

Register of detained dogs

We keep a register of all dogs seized by us, brought to us or left in the possession of those who find them.

Where a dog is disposed of, our contractor will keep a record of the date of disposal, the name and address of the new owner, or the person who put the dog down. If the dog is claimed, we will record the name and address of the owner.