Changes to your circumstances affecting council tax

Coronavirus (COVID-19) – financial support for businesses and the self-employed

For information on assistance with business rates and government cash grants for businesses, go to our business rates pages  For those who are self-employed, we are providing financial assistance for the self-employed in the form of deferred council tax payments.

The government is providing a range of measures to support businesses through the period of disruption caused by COVID-19. For details, go to GOV.UK: business support and GOV.UK: financial support for businesses during coronavirus (COVID-19).

If your circumstances change

You must let us know of any changes to your circumstances that would affect your council tax billing. This includes any:

  • change of name
  • change of property address
  • change of billing address
  • change to the people in your household
  • change of property ownership – for example, if you are moving house

Changing address

Use our online My Account services to:

  • tell us if you are moving to Thurrock, or are a new occupier in Thurrock
  • tell us if you are moving home within Thurrock
  • tell us if you are moving away from Thurrock

Login to My Account below. You can create an account if you don't already have one.

My Account - council tax

You will need to tell us things like:

  • your name, address and contact details
  • your council tax account number
  • name of council tax payer
  • details of change

Other changes

You can also use My Account to update your details or apply for a single person discount.

My Account - council tax

To apply for other types of discount, go to our council tax discounts section.