How much council tax you must pay

Council tax bills

You usually get one bill a year for each property. The person living in the property normally pays the bill.

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The amount you pay depends on the valuation band given for your property.

Valuation band Council tax 2021/22 Council tax 2020/21
Band A £1,121.16 £1,070.22
Band B £1,308.02 £1,248.59
Band C £1,494.88 £1,426.96
Band D £1,681.74 £1,605.33
Band E £2,055.46 £1,962.07
Band F £2,429.18 £2,318.81
Band G £2,802.90 £2,675.55
Band H £3,363.48 £3,210.66

The overall increase for 2021/22 is 4.76%, within which there is:

  • a 4.99% increase on the share that goes to Thurrock Council services – 3% of this is allowed by the government to help pay for the rising cost of adult social care
  • a 4.98% increase on the share that goes towards policing and community safety
  • no increase on the share that goes towards fire and rescue services

You may be entitled to council tax discounts, exemptions or council tax support depending on your circumstances.

You can pay your council tax online by credit or debit card.

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