Child sexual exploitation

Advice for workers in pubs and takeaways

There are signs of possible child sexual exploitation that workers in pubs, takeaways and other food and drink outlets can look for, during the day and at night.

Look out for:

  • adults befriending young people including buying them food and drinks
  • adults who come in on their own and always target young people
  • adults who frequently come in with different young people
  • adults buying alcoholic drinks which you suspect are for someone who is under 18 years old
  • young people with adults who are known or suspected to be gang members
  • girls or boys with older men or women who appear to be touching or behaving in an intimate way

What to do

Make a note of your information and call the police on 101 – or 999 if you believe the young person could be in immediate danger. Say you are concerned about possible child sexual exploitation.

Don't hesitate – your information can help, no matter small it may seem.

You should also:

  • raise your concerns immediately with your manager or other senior staff, who may have procedures for child protection concerns
  • tell the police and your local council about any general concerns in relation to child sexual exploitation