Child protection

If you are accused of harming your child

If you are accused of harming your child, social workers and the police will judge whether your child, or children, are at risk.

If it is believed that you may have committed an offence you will be formally interviewed by the police. Your rights will be explained to you, and you have the right to seek legal advice.

Taking a child from home

Child protection investigations are generally carried out whilst children remain at home. If your child is thought to be in immediate danger, however, action will be taken to remove them. This may mean asking the person posing the risk to leave the home and placing the child with family or friends.

You may be asked permission for the child to be placed outside of the family and for the council to look after the child.

In some cases the social worker will apply to the court for an Emergency Protection Order. Your social worker will tell you what is going on and talk to you about your child all through the investigation.

They will be open with you at all times unless this would put your child in danger. During the investigation you can ask your social worker to explain the procedure and they will answer any of your questions.

You are entitled to:

  • seek independent or legal advice at any time during the investigation
  • to read the social worker's record of your child and family - please ask your social worker about this