Choosing to be a foster carer

Being a foster carer

Foster carers offer a home to local children and young people while their own parents are unable to look after them. They provide the same kind of care as a good parent.

As a foster carer, you are not trying to replace a child's parents. You are helping to reunite the family, where possible, by working with us and the child's family.

There are many different types of foster care. You can be involved for a few hours or a few years – it's up to you. If you're committed to helping, then we'll find something that works for you.

Benefits of being a foster carer

There are many benefits of being a foster carer such as:

  • making a difference to a child's life
  • helping others
  • enjoying having children in your life
  • the satisfaction of nurturing and caring for a child
  • the opportunity to share your valuable parenting or life skills
  • teaching your own family to give and share with others

Things to consider

When thinking about becoming a foster carer, you should to consider:

  • the child and age group you would be able to care for
  • whether you have space in your home
  • your working pattern and arrangements
  • who is around to help you, such as family, friends, baby-sitters
  • whether you are prepared for your life to change
  • how the other the people in your home would feel about fostering
  • if you have a partner, how they would adapt and whether they ready to support you
  • how you would react if you found it hard to communicate with the foster child
  • how you would respond to a child's demands for attention, affection or reassurance
  • how you would react to a child who was careless with things you value

We will make sure you receive the help and support you need in making a wonderful difference to a child's life.

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