Choosing to be a foster carer

Different types of foster care

There are many different types of foster care, some of which may suit your skills and availability better than others.

Possibilities include:

  • short and medium term care
  • longer term care
  • caring for children with disabilities, either longer term or as part of a shared care arrangement with their parents
  • parent and child placements
  • brothers and sisters
  • teenagers

We will help you to find out what you can offer our children, and will discuss the choices with you as part of the assessment process.

Specialist carers

Most new foster carers will join our team of general carers, but there may be opportunities for foster carers to become part of one of our specialist teams of:

  • advanced carers
  • supported lodgings foster carers
  • therapeutic foster carers

Applicants with relevant previous experience may be able to join these teams directly.

I'm interested in fostering