Foster carer payments and support

Payments and allowances

Payments to foster carers are made on weekly basis.

In addition, Thurrock Council foster carers who live in Thurrock are exempt from paying council tax.

Weekly payments

The table below shows the payments for different types of foster care.

Child's age, in years Care Skills Care Skills+ High Need Rate
0 to 4 £347 £397 £497
5 to 10 £368 £418 £518
11 to 15 £410 £460 £560
16 or over £452 £502 £602

What's included in these payments

These payments include your fee:

  • Care Skills fee – £200
  • Care Skills+ fee – £250
  • High Need Rate fee – £300

The rest of the payment is an allowance to cover the cost of caring for a child or young person.

We review all fees and allowances each year. You can get information on foster carer tax, benefits and pensions at GOV.UK: foster carers and The Fostering Network website.

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