Foster carer payments and support

Payments and allowances

There are 2 main payments you will receive as a foster carer: one is for you, the other is to cover the cost of the child in placement.

Weekly payments

This is the amount that foster carer earn for their skills.

Carer level Amount
General carers £130 per week
Advanced carers £280 per week
Therapeutic foster carers £300 per week per child

Weekly fostering allowances

This allowance is also called the 'boarding out allowance'. It should cover the full cost of looking after each child, and is reviewed annually.

Scale Age range Amount
A Under 5 years £142.86
B 5 to 10 years £162.73
C 11 to 15 years £202.58
D 16 years and over £246.44

Working out your total allowance

The amount you receive as a foster carer will depend on which type of carer you are and the age of the child you have in placement.

For example, if you are a 'general carer' and are fostering a 6 year-old child, you would receive £292.73 per week – which is your £130 weekly payment, plus a £162.73 fostering allowance.

Other allowances may be payable – for example, for help with furniture, bedding and other basic requirements.

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