Council leaseholders

Major works and consultations

We are required to consult you if we want to carry out major works on your property.

Consulting with leaseholders - the legal requirements

There are slightly different consultation methods depending on the type of arrangement we have with a contractor.

Some contracts such as small scale cyclical works, services and specialist works below certain values are tendered in the traditional manner. In these cases consultation is carried out in 2 or 3 stages.

More comprehensive and larger value works and services take longer to tender.

Stage 1

This is at pre-tender stage (that is before a contractor has been appointed). This notice gives:

  • a general description of the proposed works
  • the reasons for carrying out the proposed works
  • you a period of 30 days to send written observations on the proposals
  • you the opportunity to nominate a contractor. We will then ask the contractor to give an estimate provided the contract sum is below the threshold which require it to be tendered Europe-wide

We will consider and respond to all comments received at this stage.

Stage 2

This is the tender stage. We send you a Notice of Estimate which:

  • gives the name and address of the proposed contractor
  • gives details of any connection between the landlord and the contractor
  • includes an estimate of your contribution to the proposed works and the works to your building
  • includes a summary of any observations received at Stage 1, together with our response
  • gives you a period of 30 days to send written observations on the proposals

Again, we will consider and respond to all comments received.

Stage 3

Awarding of contract. Stage 3 is only needed if the contract is awarded to a contractor who did not give the lowest price and was not the one nominated by leaseholders. This can sometimes occur with contractors who are part of a pre-existing framework agreement. We will write to you explaining our choice of contractor.