Council leaseholders

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Rights and obligations of a leaseholder

Your lease tells you what you have to do and your rights as a leaseholder. It also says what we have to do and our rights as your landlord. These are known as 'covenants'.

This list is a sample of the covenants contained in the majority of our leases. You should read your lease for the full list.

Your rights

Your have the right:

  • to occupy the flat without interruption or disturbance from us
  • to receive and use services provided by us
  • to use any common parts of the building or estate
  • to access an adjoining property to make good any damage, having given reasonable notice
  • to require us to enforce restrictions or covenants on other residents
  • to sub-let the property

What you must do

As a leaseholder you must:

  • pay ground rent
  • pay the service charge and any interest unless fully paid within 21 days of the due date
  • not to make any alterations to the property without first obtaining our agreement
  • inform us in writing within 1 month that the lease has been sold on
  • keep you flat clean and in good repair
  • repay discount received under the right to buy, if selling within the first 5 years of the lease
  • not use the flat for a trade or business without our agreement
  • not attach any outside aerial to the building