Exporting from Thurrock

Types of export health certificate

An export health certificate (EHC) is an official document that confirms your export meets the health requirements of the destination country.

Some countries require specific types of health certificate to be issued. You must check whether a certificate is needed for your export and, if so, which type.

Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) health certificates

The government's Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) oversees export health certificates.

For information on the process, go to GOV.UK: get an export health certificate.

To find the export health certificate and supporting documents you need to export a live animal or animal product like food and germplasm, go to GOV.UK: find an export health certificate.

Once you have found the relevant certificate, you must apply for it online. You can apply for an APHA export health certificate at GOV.UK: apply for an export health certificate.

The notes on the application form will tell you whether your certificate can be signed by a local authority. We can provide this service – go to our APHA export health certificates page.

Your certificate or pre-application may need to be completed by a vet – an Official Veterinarian (OV). You can search for a suitably qualified OV at GOV.UK: find a professional to certify export health certificates.

Local authority-issued health certificates

If there is no specific certificate available but the country of destination or your customer require one, then we can issue a certificate for your export.

This type of certificate is sometimes called a 'local authority export health certificate'.

Go to our local authority export certificates page for details.