Exporting from Thurrock

Local authority export certificates

We can provide 2 types of export certificate.

These can be used when:

  • there is no specific export health certificate for your products
  • there are no restrictions on exporting to your required country

Premises Endorsement for Export (PEE) certificate

Premises Endorsement for Export (PEE) certificates state that your premises is registered with a local authority and is subject to regular and periodic inspections. They make no reference to the goods being sent. Goods are never inspected prior to issuing the certificate.

If you wish to apply for a PEE certificate, you should apply for before your export has left the Thurrock area. You can apply afterwards, if necessary, but we do not recommend this.

PEE certificates are not accepted by all countries, import agents or customers. You should check with your customer, your import agent in the destination country or export agent in the UK before applying.

Local authority export health certificates

Local authority export health certificates are sometimes required by the government of the importing country. They are often requested by the import agent or the importer.

We cannot issue an export health certificate if your export has already left Thurrock.

How to apply

There is a fee for this service – check our current fees and charges.

Applications must be made direct to us. You should make your application at least 5 days before it is needed. For urgent applications, an expedited service is available for an additional fee.

Go to how we process your application.

Download and complete the relevant application form below.