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Our activities, A-D

All adventure activities at Grangewaters follow strict guidelines and safe practice. Where possible activities cater for all abilities and ages. Call us for details of any restrictions.

All sessions follow a standard structure. Each initially starts with a safety brief, followed by demonstrations and practice.

Contact us to book your place at least a day in advance.

Activity Description
Abseiling This is a mountaineer's technique for coming down a mountain. It's a challenging activity which sees each participant abseiling down the outside of a climbing wall using mountaineering equipment and safety ropes. This is an activity, which leaves those that attempt it with a real sense of achievement.
Archery Shoot for gold on this rewarding and exciting activity. Each participant will take turns on the range and shoot for the targets positioned up to 10 metres from the line. The ranges include dedicated shelters for poor weather.
Bushcraft Learn to live outdoors without even a tent! Building waterproof shelters from natural materials, lighting fires for cooking and warmth, making use of your woodland surroundings for survival and when you leave make sure there is no evidence that you have been there.
Camp craft Pitching a tent, cooking using outdoor stoves and learning to live and survive outdoors can be fun in a group. This activity covers all the essential skills required to camp outside.
Canoeing This activity is ideal for mixed ability groups. Participants split into pairs and learn the basic paddling stokes, enabling each team to learn the skills essential to navigate around the lake.
Canoe rafting A team activity that involves the joining of two canoes using ropes and straps to make a craft capable of holding up to 10 participants. Using paddling skills the group will travel around the lake, whilst taking part in games such as walking the plank. Try 'walk the plank' or try to stay dry whilst moving from canoe to canoe!
Climbing Using Grangewaters custom-built climbing tower participants will climb in small groups, in which they will also learn to safely climb and control ropes. Climbing routes can be graded and aimed at all abilities.
Dinghy sailing Grangewaters offers taster sessions in single-handed, 2-person and 3-person dinghies offering experience of both helming and crewing on our 25 acre lake. Find out more about our sailing courses.

For other activities go to:

Grangewaters Outdoor Education Centre
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: 01708 855 228


The centre is open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, and for pre-booked activities at weekends.

Our office is open from 9am to 3pm, Monday to Friday, for bookings and enquiries.