Grangewaters outdoor education centre

Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Grangewaters

Following government advice about coronavirus (COVID-19), Grangewaters is closed from Tuesday 24 March until further notice. Your safety and that of our staff is our highest priority. If you already have a booking, please contact us so we can rearrange your activity date or refund your payment.

Team building activities

Grangewaters is a great place to take part in team building activities.

Examples of activities are listed below. We also offer a range of ice-breakers and table-top problems.

Activity Description
Bomb disposal Apply skills and ideas together to remove items from the danger zone.
Ladder river crossing Get your team to the other side of a 'river' using nothing more than a series of planks.
Nuclear reactor Pull together to lift rods out of the 'reactor' and into safe containment.
Sensory trail Cover your eyes and trust your team members to guide you up, down, under, over and along a trail.
Spider's web Solve problems to decide the order in which team members should move through the spider’s web.
Ski walk planks The team steps onto two large skis, with one foot on each ski. By holding ropes and communicating with each other, the team must start to walk a set route. Timing and teamwork is crucial for success.
Tim's magic maze The whole team must control the motion of a ball through a table-top maze.
Towers of Hanoi In this challenge you must follow the rules and work together as team to move a tower of foam discs from one location to another.

A typical 90-minute session would include a couple of ice-breaker activities and some tasks involving fixed equipment.

Opportunities to talk about aspects of teamwork – such as communication, cooperation, leadership and trust – will help the group decide in which ways they need develop and the tasks they should try to complete next.