Home to school or college travel support

Apply for support

If your child is starting a new school year in September, you should apply for help with home to school travel no earlier than 19 April and no later than 31 May – if you apply after this date we may not be able to arrange travel support in time for the beginning of term.

You must use the form below to apply for travel assistance. Before applying, check who is eligible.

In some cases even if your child is not eligible for travel assistance, we may still be able to make arrangements for them – called 'discretionary travel assistance' – but you may have to pay some of the cost. The form will ask if you would like to apply for discretionary travel assistance if your child is not eligible for help.

Apply for home to school or college travel assistance

After you apply

We will work to make a decision on your application within 15 working days of receiving all the information we need.

We'll send you a letter with our decision as soon as possible. You can appeal against any decision we make.

If we will be offering travel assistance, our decision letter will tell you the date we'll need to review the assistance we provide. You must apply again if you still need travel assistance after this review date. We may ask you to apply every school year.

We'll send you another letter with details of travel arrangements we've made for your child as soon as the arrangements are in place.

You must tell us straight away if your circumstances change and any information you included in your application would be different. We may stop providing assistance in some circumstances – for example, if a medical condition improves or you move home.