Home to school or college travel support

What we can offer

We offer a range of home to school travel support.

Travel training

Travel training can help young people with special education needs and disabilities travel independently to and from their place of education.

With travel training, young people are able to gain the skills and confidence needed to travel safely and independently.

The training is made to suit each young person’s needs. It includes:

  • planning a journey
  • road safety
  • general life skills

Public bus or train

We may provide a season ticket for travelling on a public bus or by train. Pupils that receive travel training, as given above, will be able to use public transport.

School bus

We may arrange contracts for approved transport companies to operate school bus services along some routes.

We will tell you at what time and from which place where your child will be collected by the school bus service. They will be returned to the same place later that day. It will be your responsibility to make sure your child can get safely from their home to the bus collection point, and back again.

These routes may be reviewed at any time.

Mileage allowance

In some cases we may agree that giving you support to drive your child to and from school is the most suitable arrangement.

We make a payment – called a 'mileage allowance' – towards costs for each eligible journey made. This is usually for 4 journeys each school day, there and back in the morning, and again in the afternoon. We work out the distance by road between the child's home and school to calculate the amount we pay.

If we agree to pay you a mileage allowance, you must:

  • provide evidence of your car insurance
  • provide bank details so we can pay direct into your account
  • make a claim on the last day of each month, based on the eligible journeys you've made that month

We make payments after checking your monthly claim with the attendance record for your child from their school, usually at the beginning of the following month.

From 1 April 2022, the mileage allowance rate we pay is 45p per mile.