Home to school or college travel support

What we can offer

We offer a range of home to school travel support.

Public bus or train

We may provide a ticket for travelling on a public bus or by train.

Travel assistance budget

We may be able to provide a travel assistance budget to help you get your child to school. A travel assistance budget can help you make flexible travel arrangements.

If your child is eligible for free travel assistance and you would like a travel assistance budget, we will consider whether this offers value for money.

Travel assistance budgets are usually paid:

  • in advance of each term
  • either in full for the term or reduced if school attendance records show days were missed during the previous term for which a travel assistance budget was provided

Fuel allowance

We can provide a fuel allowance for a parent or carer to take their child to and from school if a child is eligible for free travel assistance and:

  • the parent or carer would like this option
  • it is better value for money than providing seat on public transport or transport organised especially for travel to school

We currently pay for 2 return journeys each day at a rate of 45p per mile.

This is the same rate as a travel assistance budget but is paid after we receive a completed 'student travel expenses/attendance form' signed by the school. We check school attendance records before making payments.

School bus, mini-bus, coach or taxi

We may arrange contracts for approved companies to operate school transport services along some routes.

We will tell you at what time and from which place where your child will be collected by the school transport service. They will be returned to the same place later that day. You will be responsible for making sure your child can get safely from their home to the collection point, and back again.

Transport routes may be reviewed at any time.

Travel training

Travel training can help young people with special education needs and disabilities travel independently to and from their place of education.

With travel training, young people are able to gain the skills and confidence needed to travel safely and independently.

The training is made to suit each young person’s needs. It includes:

  • planning a journey
  • road safety
  • general life skills