Home to school or college travel support

If your circumstances change

You must tell us straight away if your circumstances change and any information you included on your home to school travel support application would now be different.

Examples of changes in circumstances can include:

  • change of home address
  • change of school
  • changes to benefits received
  • changes in medication or mobility

When your circumstances change, you must tell us by completing a new home-to-school travel support application.

If you need to apply because you’ve moved into temporary accommodation, you should use our discretionary transport award form rather than the form below.

Apply for home to school travel support

You should send us your new application as soon as possible.

What happens next

We will assess your new application to make sure you are still eligible for support.

The type of support you receive may change, depending on your new circumstances. You must allow 10 working days for changes in travel support or transport to be arranged.

If you are no longer eligible for support, you will need to make your own arrangements for getting your child to and from school.