Home to school or college travel support

Medical evidence

When completing an discretionary transport award form, you may be asked to provide evidence, particularly proof of medical conditions, to support your application.

We will not be able to process your application if you do not provide the evidence we need. This may result in your application being refused.

You must ask for medical evidence from your GP or medical consultation using the medical assessment form below – we cannot contact your GP for you.

The medical assessment form should include:

  • the condition that has been diagnosed
  • how the condition affects day to day activities
  • an explanation of the effect it may have on your child's ability to walk to school or your ability to go with them

If you are applying for travel support because you're unable to take your child to school due to a disability or medical condition, the form must state clearly how the condition affects your ability to accompany your child.

The form should be signed by a GP or medical consultant.