Parking enforcement

Challenging a penalty charge notice

If you receive a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) that you feel is unfair, you can challenge it. Your PCN number, vehicle registration number and address must be quoted in all contacts. You can challenge using the online form or write to us.

Challenge a PCN

If you received a PCN in Thurrock but don't know the PCN number, you should contact us below, including your vehicle registration number and the date the PCN was issued.

Parking Enforcement
Thurrock Council, Civic Offices, New Road, Grays, RM17 6SL


Your case will be reviewed and you will be advised whether the PCN will be cancelled.

If the PCN is not cancelled, and your appeal was received within 14 days of the date of issue, a further 14 days will be allowed for you to pay the PCN at the discounted rate.

If the PCN is not cancelled and remains unpaid, the registered keeper of the vehicle will be sent a Notice to Owner (NtO) after 28 days. The NtO will enable you to make a formal representation on the form provided. Further details of our appeals process will be given on the form.

Each case will be considered on its own merits, but appeals must be genuine and supported by reasonable evidence. If your appeal is unsuccessful, you will now have to pay the PCN at the full rate.

If we reject your appeal, you will still have the opportunity to appeal to an independent adjudicator, the Traffic Penalty Tribunal. Details of how to do this will be provided with the letter rejecting the appeal.

If your appeal to the adjudicator is successful, the PCN will be cancelled and you will receive formal confirmation in writing. If your appeal is unsuccessful and the penalty charge is not paid, the fee will be increased in accordance with the penalty charge regulations by 50%. If this is not paid it will be registered as a debt and may be enforced by bailiffs.