Parking enforcement

Coronavirus (COVID-19) – parking

We have suspended all parking charges for NHS workers and other visiting staff carrying out vital work in relation to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Penalties will not be issued – nor enforced, if issued inadvertently – to anyone who parked safely without causing obstruction on crossings and zig-zags or restricted areas, if they can show they work for the NHS.

Parking signs and markings

If you are in doubt where you can park and for how long, check the markings on the road and the nearby signs.

These are some of the most commonly used parking signs and markings:

Loading bay No stopping 7am to 7pm Waiting is limited to the times and duration shown
No loading or unloading at any time No waiting at any time No waiting during times shown on sign

You can find details of all road markings in The Highway Code – go to GOV.UK: The Highway Code road markings.