Paying your council tax

Payments online – 10 August, 3:30pm

We are currently unable to take payments online. Please do not try to use these services. We are working to fix the problem and apologise for any inconvenience.

£150 energy bill rebate for council tax bands A to D

The government is providing a £150 one-off energy bills rebate for households in bands A to D, registered for council tax at 1 April 2022, except where the property is empty or a second home. For information on when and how you will receive the rebate, go to £150 energy bill rebate. To download the government's leaflet, go to your council tax bill explained.

Getting your bill online

You can get your council tax bill online or in the post.

Many people prefer online billing – called eBilling – because:

  • it's more convenient, ready to view online at any time
  • you need never worry about losing it or putting it in a safe place
  • it's easier to share with organisations that ask for a proof of address
  • you can print copies if you choose to, at own home or in a Thurrock library

How to get eBilling

To switch to eBilling you need to have:

If you have not yet registered for council tax services online, login to My Account, go to 'Council tax' services and select 'Register to view your account' – you can sign-up for eBilling when you register.

If you've registered for council tax services online but not signed-up for eBilling, login to My Account, go to 'Council tax' services to see your 'Account details', then select 'Update' to sign-up for eBilling.

You can:

  • switch to eBilling at any time
  • switch back to paper billing at any time without penalty

The amount of council tax you owe is not affected by your choice of billing.

Your online bill

When you switch to eBilling:

  • the first bill you get will be your most recent bill
  • we will email you to tell you when a new bill is ready
  • you can get your new bill at any time by logging in to My Account
  • we will not email the bill itself to you – your details stay secure within My Account
  • your bill won't have a barcode – you can't pay at a PayPoint, post office or your bank
  • the quickest and easiest ways to pay are by direct debit or online payment

It is very important that you update your details on My Account if you change email address – this is your responsibility.